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PayPal Redemption Option Steps

We have some good news to share with everyone today, we have incorporated PayPal into our Redemption Options now for points. The benefits of using PayPal to redeem your cash is that we can do it instantly, no more waiting 4-5 days, as soon as it is processed on a working day, it will be sent into your account on the day in most cases. The 2.95% processing charge does not apply when using PayPal but please do refer to PayPal's own charges that they may or may not have in place.

The steps to redeem your points using PayPal are as follows:

1. Firstly, sign up to PayPal (Make an account).

Login/Sign Up

2. Create an invoice; To do this, once logged in -

  • Go to 'Send and request'

Send & Request

  • Click 'Create an invoice'.

Create an Invoice

  • Following this click 'Create' on the following page that it leads to.


3. When creating the invoice;

  • Add Customer Details (Recipient Information) for 'The bill to' section as shown below

  • Ensure that "Xylen Management" is the business name as shown above

  • Press Enter and ensure the invoice is sending to this recipient on 'the bill to' as shown below


4. The Description for the invoice must be "Yolo Travel Commission"

5. Enter the amount to invoice and make sure to click no tax under the 'Tax' section.

6. Click Review and 'Send via PayPal'

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