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Good News for Sky Customers

Dear Yolo Members, We have really big news to share with Sky members today. For anyone who is still on Sky, or know of team members who were deleted due to being on Sky and would like to return top earning money with Yolo, we are offering a contract buy-out service to help pay off your existing Sky contract (Landline only). In return, we require you to sign up to a new landline provider that offers free calls to 0870 numbers and ensure that you remain active and consistent on the service. Other landline providers that provide calls to 0870 include:

  • Virgin Media (we can provide a referral link which will give you £50 credit)

  • Plus-net

  • BT (1000 min fair-use)

  • SSE (1000 min fair use)

  • John Lewis

  • Post office

The terms & conditions and steps to follow in order to receive this offer is:

1. Contact Sky. Firstly you will need to contact Sky and find out the cost of cancelling your contract. 2. Send bill. You will need to send us a copy of your final Sky bill to 3. Switch landline. Switch to a new landline provider and remain active on the audiocast service for 30 days. 4. Claim refund. After 30 days, please send an email claiming a refund on your Sky termination bill 5. Max Payout. We will pay upto a maximum of £100 for each claim and this only includes the termination for your landline (not broadband, TV services or any call charges) 6. Offer start date. This offer applies to customers sending their termination bills from 1st April 2018 and does not include any previous terminations.

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