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Dormant Member Policy Change

Dear Yolo Members,

We have noticed that there are several dormant members who are earning money from their referrals but they are not making audiocast calls themselves or pro-actively promoting the business for referrals. Our definition of a dormant member is someone who isnt making any audiocast calls OR referring new customers.

This has a negative impact on the active users in the form of helping them with marketing costs, running new promotions such as Double Points and so on. Therefore we will now implement the following rules for dormant members:

  • If your account is dormant for 2 months, we will now start automatically remove your account and reallocate your numbers to new members

  • If we remove your account, you CANNOT redeem any previous points/earnings

  • If you are dormant and NOT referring any new customers, then we will remove your account

  • If you are a Sky customer who is within contract, please notify us with proof from sky. You can either send us a screenshot or forward an email from sky

  • If you are dormant and are earning from 1st generation team members, you will need to refer at least one person per month to keep your account active

We are here to help you so if you need any help with training, marketing, event planning or travel advice, please contact us. When you speak to people, please remember to tell them the following:

  • We offer a FREE service

  • Established business now in our 3rd year

  • Free "airmiles" based travel planning service (saves money, lounge access, free hotel stays and more)

  • Free training and marketing

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