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Double Points Promo

Hey guys,

You asked for this on the last webinar and now we have delivered! The Double Points Promo is launching so its important that you understand how it works. This is an exciting promotion that makes its return after nearly 2 years.

Our requirements are that you continue to promote our service and refer 2 new "active" people to Yolo Travel anytime throughout Feb and we will reward you with double points (4 points) for your first generation referrals for Feb.

Here is an example -

If you earn £200 via your First Generation in Feb, we will double this to £400 if your 2 new referrals are actively making calls

This is great opportunity for you to increase your income and with the addition of our new Airmiles travel agency service, this should help build momentum in getting new people to join us.

If this incentive proves popular, we may even extend it for another month. The Terms and Conditions of this offer are as follows:

1 - You will get 4 points per referral for your first generation referral

2 - You will not get 4 points for your own personal points (this will continue as 2 points)

3 - The promotion will run between the 1st of February 2018 - 28th February 2018

4 - A minimum of 2 new people will have to be referred to Yolo Travel Network during Feb 2018

5 - The referrals must be active and need to make calls continuously for 28 days after joining

6 - Points will be added at the end of March and will become available for redemption on 10th April 2018

7 - If a retention is given to any of your first generation referrals participating in the promotion, we will deduct the points for those particular referrals affected by the retention.

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