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Changes to Yolo Points Cash Redemption's

Dear Yolo Member,

Firstly, we want to thank each and every Yolo Travel member for their contribution as we approach 2 years of business. We are constantly making changes and evolving as a business. As part of our internal restructure and due to implementing and integrating new software for our expansion, we will start using Billhop as our payment processor from Monday 25th September 2017 for all CASH based Yolo Points orders. Unfortunately, Billhop charge a processing fee of 2.95% for all transactions and this will be deducted from your Yolo Points orders for cash redemptions. An example of this is given below. The processing time for the money to reach your bank account is 5 days.


  • You submit a Yolo cash redemption for £50

  • We will deduct £1.47 for Billhop processing fee

  • Net amount of £48.53 will be paid into your account after 5 days

We want to make it clear that Yolo Travel Network does not make any financial gain and we would like to apologise for the inconvenience that the extended processing time may cause. This move is essential to our business as we grow to the next phase of our expansion.

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