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Yolo Payment Updates

Deleted/Ex-Members unable to withdraw funds

With immediate effect, any ex Yolo members or deleted members will not be able to withdraw their funds, please ensure that all remaining balances are redeemed prior to being deleted. If any members are removed due to being dormant, they will be sent an email informing them of this and will be provided with a time-frame to reply to the email in order to remain on the service or to redeem any remaining points. Failure to reply in the time given will result in complete removal off accounts and loss of any remaining balances.

Bank transfers

The last update we wanted to inform you off is that any payments from this point onwards need to be paid into the specific Yolo members bank account. It cannot be paid into a third party account such as a family member, referral and so on. The member associated with the Yolo account is the only person who can redeem any payments.

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