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Sky Retention Notice

Following on from the email sent earlier, this blog post will explain "Retention's" in more detail. If you have any other queries regarding this topic, please send them via email to

What is a retention notice?

This is when a particular telecom network refuses to pay us and this will then go into a dispute process which will be arbitrated by BT. We genuinely believe that we are offering a very unique travel based service that will add value and save everyone money whilst travelling, but different telecom companies have different interpretations and can sometimes have a ruthless approach in an effort to minimize how much they pay out to us. It is similar to a commission clawback. The timeline for retention notices are as follows:

  • 15th of month - Initial notice is sent (for previous months minutes). This is just a summary of minutes.

  • 26th of month. The itemised list of calls are emailed across.

  • 26th -30th of month. Our internal Yolo Team will then work out which customers have been affected and your dashboards will be adjusted accordingly

Why has this happened now?

Sky have actually been issuing retention notices for the past 3 months but we have paid the losses for our customers. It has now got to a stage where it has become unsustainable for our business to bear this loss due to the large volume of minutes that is being retained by Sky.

What happens next?

This retention will now go into a dispute process but we are not hopeful of a successful outcome due to our previous communications with Sky. We did not reach a resolution on the initial retention from 3 months ago and therefore, we believe that Sky will adopt the same stance now. We have hired a specialist who is helping us with your previous case so if there are any positive developments in the future, we will notify everyone.

How many Yolo Points will i lose?

What about my 1st Generation referrals?

If any of your first generation referrals have had a retention, then those points will also get deducted from your dashboard.

Where can i see the retention deductions on my dashboard?

We will add the total deduction on your previous earning column for September (or the relevant month in the future).

Do you have any recommendations for the future?

Yes we do. By working together, we can move past this and continue business as normal. Older Yolo Members will remember that we had similar issues with Virgin Mobile previously but the business continued to grow despite the setback. The first step that we recommend is that you call Sky customer service and ask them about your contract end date. If you are in a fortunate position of being "out of contract" we suggest that you move across to one of the following providers:

  • Virgin media

  • John Lewis Broadband

  • Plus-net

  • BT (1000 min policy)

  • SSE (1000 min policy)

  • Post Office

If you are still in contract, and you have been affected, we recommend that you use Yolo as an "Authorised Referrer". This means that you stop making Yolo Calls but you will continue to refer new members to Yolo and also switch your landline to another provider once you are out of contract. To become an |"Authorised Reseller", you need to send us an email with your Yolo Member ID, landline number, name and Sky contract expiry date. For clarification purposes, you can only become a reseller if you have had a retention from Sky.

What about my Yolo Points and commissions for August and before?

There are no problems with any Yolo Points issued Pre-September 2017. Any member is welcome to withdraw or keep their points earned before September 2017.

Can i still refer new Sky customers?

The answer is no for the time being. We are currently not taking on any Sky customers for Yolo but we will send out a new notice if this situation changes.

How else can i earn Yolo points?

We have had a great response for the international service. You can earn more points and there is NO RETENTION on this service so your earnings are guaranteed. We currently have confirmed access in:

  • France

  • Spain

  • Morocco

  • India

If you have friends, family, business associates in ANY country worldwide, please call Amar on 08702802030 (option 3) to discuss in more detail. Even if you havent got any contacts, you can use Social Media to spread the word and we can help you with marketing material in different languages. You can also earn much more with international referrals - for example, currently in France, you can earn £45 per referral per month which is double compared to UK. We can also assist you in team building, travelling to the countries for meetings, bi-lingual marketing and much more. In fact, we are in the process of planning our first international event in Agadir/Marrakesh in Morocco within the next 2 months.

We are also in the testing phase for our SMS service and are building an app which allows you to earn for sending text messages. This is 3-6 months away from completion.

Finally, we also invite you to become a part of Friends Mobile Network. Below is a teaser video which explains the service -

We will announce our launch date for Friends Mobile Network very shortly. As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to grow with us with our various exciting projects which will help in building your monthly residual income.

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