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Leading our suite of services is Yolo Roam, an advanced travel roaming solution meticulously crafted to meet the needs of both frequent travelers and regular jet-setters. Through the use of your SIM card during roaming on our trusted partner mobile networks, you effortlessly gain access to Yolo Points. These points, easily trackable and redeemable via an intuitive online dashboard, guarantee a smooth pathway to reaping yolo points.

How To use Yolo Roam


  1. Register your details with us.

  2. Before travelling, ensure your sim is enabled for data roaming.

  3. Check our Partner Networks (will be emailed to you once you join).

  4. When you've reached your destination, ensure you have switched your handset manually to our Partner Networks.

  5. Earn & enjoy Yolo Points when you use your sim for data!

If you interested in becoming a yolo roam member, please click on the below mentioned link and fill out the yolo client registration form. 

Yolo roam client registration form

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