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Update for Yolo Sky Customers

Hey Guys,

We have some big news regarding Sky Customers on Yolo, we do have a potential short term solution to help out some of our Sky customers who are stuck in a contract at the moment. You could still get retained using this solution so be aware of that, their is no guarantee. The goal from this is to ensure that our Sky members can at least try to earn "some" points to help them until they are out of contract, by which time you can switch to another landline provider.

For this service, you will be calling a new 0845 number via our partner service called Tomi Network, however you will only be earning 1 point per minute from this and not the usual 2 points per minute (better than earning nothing). From this you will earn approximately £12 per month and £12 per Sky referrer.

A minimum of 50 customers are needed to use this to make this happen, if not then we will not go ahead with this short term solution. After you switch landlines at the end of your contract, we will bring you back from Tomi to Yolo. Please spread the word amongst our Yolo Sky Customers to see if any of them are interested in this service.

If anyone is interested, send in an email to with the title "Tomi Solution" and confirming your interest in using this short term solution. We will then process this request if the minimum amount of customers needed are reached. We will be needing anyone interested to email in before the 31st of December 2017.

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