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Changes to Yolo Member Registration

Dear Yolo Members,

After taking into account your feedback, we have decided to make the sign up process for new members much easier. Starting from Monday 20th November 2017, the following process needs to be followed:

  1. You complete the online registration form to refer a new member -

  2. Someone from Yolo Office team will call your referral on their landline number between 9am-4pm mon-fri for a quick verification call

  3. After the call is complete, we will add your referral

We are now relying on you providing the initial training and information to your referrals. Please make sure that they have one of the following landline providers (with a tariff to call 0870 numbers):

  • BT

  • SSE

  • Post Office

  • John Lewis Broadband

  • Plus-Net

  • Virgin Media

Sky is not allowed any longer for the audiocast service.

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