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Google Home Installation Guide


Welcome to the Google Home Installation guide, here we will help you to register and set up your device with our system so you can start making your calls instantly.

  1.  The first step will be downloading the Google Home App.

  • Visit the Apple Store or the Google Store depending on your mobile device and download an app called "Google Home"​

   2. Make sure your mobile device is connected to Wifi

   3. Sign into the Google Home App with the details provided by the business (Email & Password)

   4. Pair the device to your Google Home App on the mobile

  •  Open the app and go on 'devices', once on device pair the Google Home device with your mobile phone

​   5. Complete voice recognition with the device on your Google Home app

   6. Complete a mini test of the device by asking it about how the weather might be? about events or anything simple by starting your          sentence off with "Ok Google" or "Hey Google"

   7. If successful with Step 6, Call your keyword 1 stated on your welcome email dashboard by saying "Ok Google, call (Keyword 1)"


If you have any issues with this installation set up, feel free to call into the office on 01216671441 to ask for further assistance. 


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