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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn Yolo Points?


Earning Yolo Points is very easy These include some of the following methods:

Dialling into the audiocast is the most popular and easiest way to earn YOLO points.


Friends & Family Referrals - Are you happy with the service we provide? have we helped you save money on travel? if so, then tell your friends and family about us and if they join us you will earn Yolo Points for each referral.​

Giveaways & Competitions - Stay active on or Instagram and Facebook to see all our latest giveaways and learn how you can earn more.

Using the YOLO Roam service when your abroad can also help you earn a lot more points. All you have to do is switch to our provider in the country you're visiting. For more information please visit the YOLO Roam page.

What can I spend my points on?


We have many rewards for you to spend your well-earned points on;

The most popular is straight cash sent to your PayPal account


Another way you can spend your points is by using them to save money on flight tickets or hotels. Maybe even save enough points for a FREE getaway to Spain!

We understand not everyone is able to travel. So we have also introduced non-travel rewards such as gift cards and vouchers for a trip to your local restaurant or a family day out to the cinema.

When can I redeem my points?


The first time you redeem you'll have to wait 5 weeks before the points are released in to your account. After your first redemption your balance will be updated every 20th of the month.

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